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Sunday, August 1, 2010

O on:The Introduction

"I'm going to miss you" she says as I stroke her hair while we watch the sun rise across the ocean to bask the keys.

4 days ago, she was sitting across me at the other end of the bar. Too pretty to be out on her own I thought to myself as I waited for some cuban girls I met the night out before.

Hi... I said with my eyes.

Hello.. her eyes whispered right back.

Before we could continue the "eyeversation" her friend arrived, another bombshell.

Oh my!!! And there I was pretty girls would be few and far in between on this trip.

Her friend hits the bar to buy a drink.

"Una botella de vino blanco por favor" she tells the bar man and walks away.

..My chance to get into the play.

Marcello put their drink on my tab but don't tell them where it came from I tell the man behind the bar.

.. Here's the gamble:
She'll wanna know where the drink came from and will pressure him into telling. I know It's gonna be extra points for me compared to if I went direct.

She's back and wants to pay and the play begins.

5 minutes later I get a tap.

S: "Hey thank you so much for the wine"

O: "What wine " I ask all shy.

S: He said you asked not to tell but we know it was you. I'm S and this is my friend A.

O: Nice to meet you I'm O.

S: Nice to meet you. We're from puerto Rico what about you?

O: I'm from Nigeria

S: Nice!!

3 bottles of wine later, with introductions over and the cubans much forgotten, we head off to the party on the 17th floor.

....And that, is where the real story begins.


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  1. Stop sounding so smooth! ah ah

  2. this boy, you are living the fairytale life oh...
    this is cheating
    ...now, you owe me

  3. all shy ke lol...really. haha if shyness takes you that far I wonder where boldness gets you, probably all the way :) Smooooth operatorrrrrr lol (sung in a very sonorous aka Sade type voice)

  4. Nice Anon: Me smooth ke??

    Baroque: Lets call it evens after all, you did ditch me to go to world cup.

    Zel: You're interesting... First timer... Thanks for stopping by.

    Myne Whitman: We just take the opportunities as they come.

    @ Miss Natural: Now why does the thought of you all sonorous get my imagination going on overdrive?


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