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Monday, August 30, 2010

O on: Rendezvous in the rain

Storm is brewing A, lemme head off home and just as the words leave my mouth it begins to drizzle. As i dash to the car, i notice her. light skinned hair to her waist packed in a pony tail walking. walking hesitantly, starting and stopping. i can see she's contemplating what to do cos of the rain. Not one to pass up a chance,

"can i give you a ride i asked"

"yes please she replied" stepping into the car.

 A bit of small talk got me some basic info Half Indian- Half Yoruba girl in Nigeria for a year.

we arrive at her destination and i consider reeling or not....

then i go for it....

"I know you'd probably never get into a car with a stranger talk less of give him your number but i notice you've got a blackberry" i scribble my pin on my card and tell her, "if you're up to a conversation, lets talk a bit then i wont be a stranger any more."

"ok.... "

10 minutes after i drop her off at the restaurant where she's having dinner
my phone buzzes,
a new request comes in... "Thank you for the ride, In"

who says a rainy evening and bleak weather doesn't come with it's advantages.



  1. what happened with the other chic at your vacation? hmmm

  2. O_o... Clearly good things sometimes come in bleak packaging!

  3. @ neefemi : ;)

    @ Myne Whitman: hahaha

    @Nice Anon: The vacation ended lol

    @QuTE: preach sir!!!

  4. LoL......let's hope the sun shines on this one.

  5. lol the comments are so funny. you might need to start concentrating on one game ohh...so it'll be like a never ending vacation :)


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