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Monday, August 9, 2010

O on: going better than planned.

"I have to go" she says as the sun begins to peek from the clouds.

"Am I seeing you later?" I ask as we walk to her room.

"Yes you are" she says and kisses me good night or is it good morning considering it was 5am in the morning great.
I'll pick you up by 7 and I bound off.

Fast Forward past a day in the jungles of Costa Maya with S on my mind

Straight on to me making reservations at Cafe 151. and Vintage a swanky wine bar.

Tonight I intend to turn on the charm. Mood music, good food and the perfect ambience.

We start the evening at 151. "Order for the both of us" I tell her setting the tone for a balanced evening.

Gamble is with her being in charge of the very first aspect of the evening, she'll become invested in tonight and the more invested she becomes, the easier it'll be to get behind her shell. The trick is to constantly make sure there is no pressure.

Dinner is a Tbone steak medium rare accompanied by a nice bottles of Respide. She's pretty and picked a meal you would want to put in rewind so you can savour again and again.

Relaxed and mellow, the conversation begins. Getting to know her feels like a wave. She's pretty smart, intelligent and I can't get enough of this boriqua.

A walk through the oasis' version of central park to vintages with the stars out and birds chirping sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

Vintage is quiet with cuban jazz serenading discreetly. We settle in a corner and begin a rosé wine flight with tapas. Getting to know you 101 begins here and we talk about everything the past, the present, the future. Dreams and plans caressing each other with words as well as with our hands.

As we approach the beautiful island of Cozumel, I know that something is building up here and it's not going according to plan but better.

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  1. lol if you are how you write then the title should soon read, 'Game over'...Nice, smooth, suave. Here's to you getting this :) something long lasting and true.

  2. @ Miss Natural: All good things do come to an end.

    @ Myne Whitman: :D

  3. "Beautiful island of Corzumel." Reads like a romantic setting...hmmmm...

  4. ashewo to re mecca....happy belated birthday still, i owe you one

  5. ...goin better than planned...abi?
    am not cut out for this long thing you are putting us on
    lets get to the bottom of this


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