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Monday, August 2, 2010

O On: kissing under the stars

3 bottles of wine later we're at a pool party on the 17th floor.

"I never thought I would meet pretty girls on this trip" I say.

"Me buying you that drink was just me saluting you making my day that's why I asked them not to tell you it was from me" I continue.

" I like that" she said holding my arm tighter.

"Head up to the pool party on 17. Need a wingman sharpish" I text my boy YN as I order drinks at the bar.

5 minutes later he shows up and I make the introductions. Now I can get some alone time with S.

2 bottles of bubbly later S & I hit the dance floor and my this boriqua has got some soul and we connect on the floor for about an hour exploring, touching, feeling, flirting.

"Let's go somewhere quieter" I whisper as I nibble on her ear.

"Where have you got in mind?"

"Follow me" and I lead to the one place I know will crumble her defences a bit further, grabbing one more bottle of champagne as we head out.

We hit the elevator and we're there. Time is 3am in the morning and we've got the moon & stars for the roof, the atlantic ocean for walls and deck chairs for furniture.

I pop the bottle as she lights up a smoke.

"Just so you know, I'm not going to get with you"..

I cut her off...

" Our story just began querida so why skip the pages" I reply stroking her hair as I pass her a flute.

" I like that" she says sipping on her drink.

5 minutes later and a bit of conversation, we're kissing under the stars.

End of day 1.

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  1. I'm enjoying this story, please don't stop.

  2. lol i like this your writing style. hehe, game well played so far :)

  3. Hmmm Kinda like the dude our mother warned us about. lol Please keep going... And this story better have a climax

  4. Ceberus is living the life!!! My life!
    i hate you so much right now...
    you had better get back here & finish the story

    & it had better have a 'climatic' ending
    if not...

  5. @ MYNE WHITMAN: Yes Ma'am

    @ MISS NATURAL: Muchas gracias

    @ NICE ANON: Sisi you know sey na meat wey you steal from pot na immsweet pass.

    @BAROQUE: the story ends at the beginning of the post lol will finish as soon as i can.




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