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Thursday, January 7, 2010

O on: Today...

8th January 2010, my sister would have been 14. My pride and joy and the bundle of energy that could change the dynamics of wherever she was.

I reminisce about her growing up....
How from the gate we always knew she was back from school minutes before seeing her because the commotion she left in her wake was her herald.

I smile when I think of a 4 year old with so much warmth. At 4 she always insisted on getting down at the gate so she could greet everyone on her way in. Garders tending the gardens, drivers. My mother's other staff and shouts of Tee Jay from accross a huge yard inside let us know she was back.

At 6 she lived a complete life. And from this year I will stop questioning the big man upstairs.

I miss my angel.

Mi hermana es contigo Padre......watch her jealously...

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  1. Little angel.
    may she always be joyful with her maker.

  2. She is an angel lol prob causing the same commotion in heaven she caused on earth :)

  3. oh may her soul continually be in eternal happiness

  4. o baby - i miss her so - in her blue lace and pink gele - we always talked abt her growing up and the boys we will beat for her - she is watching over us though and for that i'm grateful ...muah

  5. May her soul continue to rest in peace. She is in a joyful place.

  6. O sweetie, know she is with you always...hugs {()}


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