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Saturday, January 23, 2010

O on: Tools of the Trade

"Are you bringing toys baby?"
Her question... To which I mention,
I'm coming with more than toys lady".
I'm coming with vibrating cock rings,
Heated lubricants amongst other things.
Ropes and a blindfold,
Improvisions from your wardrobe.
I'm coming...
A man with a mission.
To keep you cumming....
Session after session.

I'm coming to introduce you to bondage....
The art of domination.
The need for submission...
Pleasure in total helplessness.
Any act of rebelion crushed in total hopelessness.
I am the master and you are my slave.
And I will show I'm lord over that dripping cave.

I will take your eyes...
The trademark of my brand.
Tie your hands over your head
Ropes on the ceiling.
This scene does not involve a bed.
You will be forced to stand
You will be on your feet
will meet.

Out of nowhere, nails will trace tracks
Enough to hurt but leave no marks.
Lips will find your earlobe
Will suck and nibble.
You'll feel ripples
As fingers tweak your nipples.
I'll stroke your thighs
Brush your clit as I send you on a high.
Your knees will buckle
Your body will tremble
But against your will you will stand
Because my ropes hold your hand.

I'll stop and sit
The squirm of your hips.
The curl in Your lips .
The beginning of a scream...
As I toy with my whip,
But I decide on the bullet...
Cos It will swallow ur clit
Sending waves down your cave
as you drip in rivulets.

But You're gonna finish this on your own...

.... cos I'm late for my meeting.



  1. *whistles*


  2. *Shudders* _ now going to take a very cold shower

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. lol, i was too explicit. i like it, very erotic

  5. Don't start wat you can't finish eh...
    Liking the wordplay.

  6. hmm this boy..
    stop it oh
    watsup with the taunting now
    so erotic melikes

  7. MEETING!!! What meeting???
    Come back here before i KILL you!


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