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Nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los inocentes y los culpables de repuesto en caso de difamacion.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

O on: To The Lady In the Black Dress

You're beginning to feel flustered, a searing intense heat.
Your neck, your earlobe, the small of your back ... I'm the reason
Unseen eyes ravage you yet softly caressing like skin on silk.
You begin to look around as your layers begin to unravel.
From calm and collected your search becomes frantic.
I must say, You're a beauty to behold and even sexier when hot and bothered.
From the recesses of the deep Our eyes lock as I step out into the light,
Yours resist mine in defiant challenge very much to my delight.


Your legs buckle as you comprehend the message I send.
For a second, our souls connect as time and distance meld.
My message is so simple that your resistance comes to an end.
I want to rip you in two and like a pile driver drill my way into you.
I want the very essence of your being, to give you pleasure on levels you've never seen
I want to ravage your core as you arc your back and the wall begins to crack
I want the moans that escape your lips to match the thrust of my hips.
As you glide to another extreme.


Welcome to my world,
A world filled with debauchery and forbidden pleasures
Sinful moments your body will crave and always treasure.
Sensual experiences that will forever linger...
As you bask in the after glow, you begin to ponder....
who am I?
Angel or Demon what am I??

My name is O,

I'm the man your mother warned you about.


  1. LOL, that was intense. Definitely one to keep an eye on, LOL.

  2. "like a pile driver drill my way into you"

    The temperature just got cranked up like a thousand notches...where is that ac remote!

    Loves it.

  3. guy, this na christmas oh, you go wound person oh...LOL...nice one

  4. lol yes she did, but we never listen...

    compliments of the seaon.

  5. @ neefemi: glad you do.

    @Myne Whitman: Your Compliments give me a sense of accomplishment.

    @Mizchif: Glad you do. Feels good to be back.

    bArOquE: Thanks Boss, Merry Christmas

    @BSNC: Same to you Brown skinned beauty.

    * Feels good to be back

  6. Pile driver...hmm.. sounds like someone's having a very Merry Xmas season. lol. Nice piece

  7. I love how this is so explicit yet not crude!!!! Totally hot!


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