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Friday, December 18, 2009

Maldita Sea!!!

Gato and I finally broke it off...
6 years in an open relationship and now it's over.
I know it's for the best cos she deserves better than the eternal flirt with the short attention span.
But if it's for the best,
why am i feeling so gloomy

Maldita Sea!!!!


  1. oh well... sometimes the things we leave behind are as important as the things we leave them for....

  2. Why an open relationship in the 1st place?

    Pole Sana
    (Sorry in Swahili)

  3. twas 6 yrs naw, u'll feel the diff>>>dtz y u're gloomy

  4. Six years is quite a while, some marriages don't even last that long...

  5. wow 6 years, its only natural you feel gloomy.

  6. open ke? Why do u want to be in a open relationship- why not closed? Does she want to settle and u dont?

  7. lol im late but I hope you feel better


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