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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ask for His daughter

So I spoke to kryptonite again and 4 years,later, she remains equally as lethal.
When I think back to how she stumbled into my life starting with that comment on my blog post and how the story has turned out, it's clearly the sort of story movies are made of. the sort that wins Oscars and can easily make an unknown actress win an a viewers choice award.

I think,about her and I think,about the past.
I think about her and I wonder about the future.
She is my past and she may be my future.
He knows and she is His daughter
So I guess if things do get to a head, I need to get straight with Him so I can ask for His daughter.



  1. she may be your future....


  2. socio, I hail you. still doing it 4 years later. I have been away for so long and have missed so much. Whatever your future may hold, I wish you all the best


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