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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

M on: YOU

They asked and i said not YOU.
The last person i could ever fall for was YOU.
Yes i know I've been around but definitely not YOU.
Physical appearance, definitely not YOU.
Personality.. so not YOU.
But then 6 months down the line, why are my thoughts filled of YOU.
I'm with her and I'm thinking about YOU.

Though not a great kisser but even great kissers aren't YOU.
Now i look at my phone and keep wanting to call YOU.
Sex isn't great anymore because it's not with YOU.
Readers might not get this because they don't know YOU.
They wouldn't know the rabbit defines YOU.
But that will be because I've not told them the story about YOU.
I'm taking the cobwebs off the blog just because of YOU.
and perhaps los otros mentes will write again because i did about YOU.
YOU definitely didn't teach me manners but you made me fall for YOU.
and that's why my first post in a long time is about YOU.



  1. YOU seemingly exerts a strong influence.. anything that causes the fount of inspiration spout must be a good thing...... or not.. it depends..

  2. And YOU're inspired to write..... That must be some strong good feeling

  3. @TheRustGeek Saludos Hombre and welcome to the den. agree with you it totally depends but where this inspiration sits, only time will tell.

    @Sirius: The new momma on the block hailings!!!! some strong feelings indeed.

  4. I can't wait to hear more about YOU.
    Glad to have you back

  5. Hola Kitten. good to be back should tell the story soon


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