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Nombres han sido cambiados para proteger a los inocentes y los culpables de repuesto en caso de difamacion.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

O on: Plotting the strategy

She's sat right across me and dang do I remember her.
The vixen with the waist made from rubber
Winding and grinding a couple of weeks ago
In more ways than one that would have a Turkish belly dancer running for cover.

Our eyes meet as she drags on her cigar.
The glint in her eye tells me there's recognition
From a night of tequila shots, slow winding
Maldito sea I'm lost in the way she moves that body.
The thought of things I wanna do to her has my imagination on overdrive.

It's time to plot a strategy.

Will keep you posted.




  1. As I was driving this morning, I screamed Maltasea! (Not sure I got it right)...yay you posted!

  2. @ Sirius, Yay i posted. Maldito Sea!!

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