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Monday, September 13, 2010

M on: Okocha

5 Seasons Ago, our Story began. with Koyin mounting me on you. The fact that you had to wear a guard scared me a bit but when we started the first chukka and you kept with the line of the ball and always knew what the right of way was i was hooked.
Runners Up Ibadan, Winners katsina and Jos, you became a legend. the superstar of the tawleeds  in Nigeria.

Sturdy and Regal you remained the pride of my stable my favorite 2 chukka horse always good to play.
when i got the call to tell me you were sick , my heart skipped a beat even with Colic you still tried to stand till the very end. My favorite pony still showing unbreakable spirit. In sickness and weakness you still wanted to take on the argies and the thoughts of your final moments leave me with mixed feelings.

You remain a superstar Okocha. I will miss you and all the grooms in Lagos and Ibadan will miss you.
There'll be no more shouts of "OKOCHA" as they offload you from the truck at Tournaments
There'll be no more cases of "OKOCHA" when a groom complains of being bitten
Doubt if any Tawleed will ever score a goal in a chukka.
Doubt any Tawleed can ever understand polo like you did.

I'll miss our rides on the beach
I'll miss stick & ball with you.
Most of all I'll miss my favorite pony ever.

RIP OKOCHA... Hope they know in Horse heaven that you have to wear a gag.



  1. awww...your horse died...i'm actually genuinely sad...the poor creature...colic is a bitch ;-(

  2. I tot it was the other Okocha, but if your horse is like you listed here, then he's worth the name. Hope you get another good one.

  3. @ Barouqe: Pain Me die. woulda preferred it was the one Bashir Pulled a fast one on me with that died instead.

    @ Myne Whitman:Hoping So too. my String just lost a major link.

  4. ?Okocha?
    Was the horse igbo?
    Just teasing...
    What is 'tawleeds'?
    And where do this? Lagos?
    Sounds really interesting...
    Can I join?


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