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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

O on: I wish I was 10 again

Do you remember when...your close friends became strangers, lollipops turned into cigarettes, the innocent ones turned into sluts, homework goes in the trash, soda became vodka, kisses turned into sex. Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground? When protection meant wearing a helmet? When the worst thing you could get from boys/girls were cooties? Dads shoulders were the highest place on earth and mom was your hero? Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest, the only drug you knew was cough medicine, wearing a skirt didn't make you a slut, the only thing that hurt you was skinned knees and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? And we just couldn't wait to grow up....

Someone sent me that and it had me thinking...

I'm grown up now and I wish I was 10 again. So I could go back to worrying about not making the commendation list and not thinking about not making the bills this month.

I wish I was a kid again and I didn't have to worry about anything...

I wish I could go back to the years when friends became enemies for only 5 minutes.

When you looked forward to every birthday with glee.

When I'm sorry and please made your problems disappear.

When everything was so simple and lacked complication.

The kicker is though...if I did get my wish to be 10 again.... I'll of course be dreaming of "when I'm older" and the cycle continues..

If only these kids know what "being older holds in store"

Maldito Sea!!! to borrow a phrase from MY.


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  1. the story of our lives....miss you

  2. *sigh*

    I got the same message, and it got me thinking too.

  3. I find myself wishing this wish more and more everyday. Especially as i approach the end of the student life and have to make all these decisions concerning the future.
    If i were 10 all that would matter would be studying to get an A on the end of term exam, then looking foward to what i'd get up to during the break.....*sigh*

    How've you been O?

  4. It's been a while. Food for thought indeed, I alsoo miss those carefree years.

  5. hehe your post would have been incomplete if you hadnt mentioned it was a cycle...its almost like a vicious cycle. Lol i wish I was 10 again so i could run to my parents room when I had a nightmare. plus bill paying sucks.

  6. I do so miss those days.

    This post sent me back in time.

  7. @Neefemi... I miss you more and i wonder how much longer.

    @Sirius...story of our lives ey?

    Mizchif... i've been good miss. hustling like it's going out of fashion but we finally at a head.

    Myne Whitman... That it has my best selling author, that it has. we can never get those years back.

    Miss Natural... if you think bill paying sucks, ask M to give you a glimpse at his over head. i kissed the sky when i saw that. how've you been?

    Sex Kitten... i'm glad m'lady. how are you?

    Gracias a todos.

  8. Merde...this got me thinking about how much I want to go back in time...if only for a few hours...

  9. WOW...quite nicely put together...makes too much sense...but i would rather be an adult cause it means, no school & that i gat my own money *wink*...any polo in PH, July?


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