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Sunday, February 7, 2010

M on wonderful Yaadein

I'm still in Port Harcourt but heading back today. It's been a wonderful weekend.

*Got myself a new mare. Balanced and fast, she understands the game. Her name is Rosemary but I think I'm gonna rechristen her. Contemplating between Rosa, Azmir, Mocha, Farida or Blackrose.

*Played polo with the guys at the Port Harcourt Polo Club. Total gentlemen I must say. Friendly and accomodating. They showed what the real spirit and cameraderie that the polo community is meant to have. Naval Commander Ibrahim, Captain Tony, Hames Shahimi, Rowland Rochi... Muchas Gracias.

*Alhaji Bashir Yar'adua AKA the head groom and Patron of Hajara farms, thank you for acting like th baba you are. He's got over 20 horses in Port Harcourt and is bringing in more. He's on a mission to get baroque playing so don't be shocked if Baroque ends up a polista.

Baroque, you're a man after my own heart you made my trip fun. Day and night you made shit happen and dang.... Partying with you pretty much matches rolling with a rockstar.

My Yaadein this weekend...


How was your weekend?

Of the Cerberus

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  1. oh sweet memories...now i'm jealous... i wanna party with you and baroque!!!

  2. maybe you rechristen her, Akassa! i wish you quick recovery (LOL) & a great great week ahead

  3. Why wasn't I invited? Shakes head!

  4. no need to ask if you had a blast :)


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